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Gas Services
Chud Cooling & Heating is Your Trusted Local Gas Services Experts. Give us a call at 215-659-4343 to schedule your service.
Gas Services
Chud Cooling & Heating is Your Trusted Local Gas Services Experts. Give us a call at 215-659-4343 to schedule your service.

Expert Gas Services

At Chud Cooling & Heating, we believe in providing our customers with the best Gas Services service in Abington, PA possible. When you call our team, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving genuine care from a licensed and trained technician.

When you call our team, you can expect:

  • Transparent, flat-rate pricing
  • Industry leading warranties and financing options
  • Same-day response for scheduling

In need of assistance? We’re already on our way! Give us a call at 215-659-4343 to schedule your service or fill out the service request form and we’ll give you a callback!

Choose Chud Cooling & Heating when you need gas services in the Abington, PA, area. Schedule an appointment by calling 215-659-4343. 

Comprehensive Gas Services From the Area’s Most Qualified Professionals 

When it comes to ensuring the safety and reliability of your natural gas or propane system, trust the experienced team at Chud Cooling & Heating. With over 50 years of serving homeowners in Abington, PA, and surrounding areas, we specialize in gas line installation, repairs, and replacements.

Natural gas is a dependable, efficient, and clean fuel source, but proper installation and maintenance are crucial. Our trained and licensed technicians have the expertise to handle all your gas line needs, from new installations to repairs and replacements. We understand the importance of adhering to local and industry codes to guarantee the safety of your home and family.

Why choose Chud Cooling & Heating for your gas services?

  • Prompt and attentive service from a family-owned company
  • Affordable pricing and convenient financing options
  • Work backed by industry-leading warranties
  • Responsive service from trained and licensed technicians who prioritize your satisfaction
  • Quality workmanship ensuring safety and reliability
  • Transparent pricing and financing options

If you suspect a gas leak in your home, evacuate immediately and call 911. For all other gas-related issues, rely on Chud Cooling & Heating for expert assistance. Whether you have a gas furnace, water heater, or other gas appliances, we ensure impeccable installation and maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

Gas line problems can arise unexpectedly, posing risks to your home and family. Our team offers responsive, solution-based service to address any issues promptly and effectively. With a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction and budget-friendly prices, you can trust us to handle your gas line needs with professionalism and care.

Don’t wait for gas line problems to escalate. Contact Chud Cooling & Heating at 215-659-4343 for reliable gas services you can count on. Trust our certified plumbers to keep your gas lines in optimal condition, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your home’s natural gas or propane system.

Gas Line Services and Repairs You Can Trust 

Our gas services include everything local homeowners need. With Chud Cooling & heating on your side, you don’t need to worry about gas line leaks or other problems that put your home and family at risk. 

Call us anytime you need:

  • Gas line installation for new construction, a remodeling project, or an upgrade
  • Gas line repairs
  • Gas line replacements for old, outdated, or damaged lines
  • Annual gas line inspections and maintenance 
  • Gas appliance installation, including stoves, washing machines and dryers, water heaters, pool heaters, and fireplaces 
  • Gas leak detection

Your satisfaction is our number one goal, and that means showing up on time, providing clear explanations of what your gas lines need, and helping you make the best choices for your needs and budget. We’re more than just service technicians: we treat our customers like family and work hard to be a reliable partner for all your plumbing, gas, heating, and cooling needs. 

What to Expect When You Choose Chud Cooling & Heating to Install a Gas Line 

Providing our neighbors with exceptional gas line installation is a priority at Chud Cooling & Heating, and we’re here to help whenever you need it. You may need line installation when:

  • You’re building a new home
  • You’re remodeling an existing home
  • You want to add a new gas appliance, including water heaters and pool heaters  
  • You want to reduce costs by switching from electric to gas heat
  • Your current lines need replacing for any reason

We’ll start with a thorough inspection and evaluation of the current gas lines to determine the scope of the work, then provide a detailed estimate before starting work. Your needs come first, so you can expect efficient work that minimizes disruptions without sacrificing quality or safety. We also know that budgets are tight, so we strive to offer competitive and transparent pricing that allows you to make the best decisions for your situation. 

Trust the Local Experts for Gas Line Installation 

Working with Chud Cooling & Heating means knowing that your gas lines are flawlessly installed and will work reliably, no matter how many systems run on the fuel. You’ll also enjoy increased comfort on the coldest Pennsylvania winter days and savings on your utilities. Our comprehensive services and in-depth knowledge of local codes ensure problem-free installation the first time. 

Make the Switch to Gas Today 

If you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits of gas or need to update your existing lines, reach out to Chud Cooling & Heating to learn more about gas line installation. Call 215-659-4343 to schedule service or request an estimate, and see how easy getting reliable service can be when you work with the best.

Signs You Need Gas Line Repair 

Gas line leaks are emergencies and require immediate attention. If you smell gas in your home, leave immediately and call 911. 

While a foul, rotten egg-type odor is a telltale sign of gas leaks, you may notice other indicators of potential trouble before it reaches that point. These include:

  • Higher-than-usual gas bills
  • Gas appliances that aren’t performing as they should
  • A hissing sound coming from the lines of connections
  • Visible cracks or deterioration on the gas lines 
  • Dead or dying plants in your home

Call Chud Heating & Cooling at the first sign of any of these issues so we can investigate and make expert repairs to prevent further issues. The sooner you have one of our licensed plumbers address minor problems with your gas lines, the less likely it is that you’ll have bigger, more expensive — or more destructive — problems.

Gas Line Repairs with Industry-Leading Guarantees 

Gas line issues are simply too dangerous to leave to anyone but licensed experts. The safety and well-being of your family is our top priority, which is why we arrive as soon as possible to address gas line issues and restore a safe, problem-free fuel source. We go above and beyond to serve every customer and stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee and industry-leading warranties. 

Keep Your Family Safe with Gas Services From Chud Cooling & Heating 

Professional installation and maintenance are critical to safely using gas in your home, which is why Chud Cooling & Heating only sends qualified, solution-focused professionals who have the proper certifications and licenses to work on your home. Every visit starts with a detailed inspection of the gas lines and appliances to identify issues, followed by expert workmanship on the installation or repairs. We won’t leave until we’re confident that every connection is tight and your heater or appliances will work safely and dependably.

Call Chud Cooling & Heating for Quality Gas Line Services  

When it comes to gas services in Abington, PA, and surrounding areas, Chud Cooling & Heating stands out as the go-to team for reliable expertise. Don’t wait for an emergency to address your gas line needs—we’re proud to be the most trusted gas line service team in the area, offering prompt assistance whenever you need it. Whether you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits of gas or need updates to your existing lines, our experienced technicians are here to help. Reach out to us at 215-659-4343 to schedule service or request an estimate for gas line installation.

At Chud Cooling & Heating, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction, providing top-notch service and ensuring the efficiency of your gas system. From identifying and solving even the trickiest issues to offering insights and advice for prevention, our local experts have you covered. Trust us for five-star service that exceeds your expectations—contact us today at 215-659-4343 for all your gas service needs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

We know you have questions about gas services, and we have the answers you need. 

How Often Should I Schedule a Gas Line Inspection? 

Gas lines need an annual inspection by a professional technician. You may not notice odors or other signs of a problem right away, so having an inspection of all the gas lines and connections ensures that you don’t overlook potentially dangerous issues. 

Are Homeowners Responsible for Gas Lines?

Homeowners are responsible for the care and maintenance of all the gas lines on their property, including the main gas line buried in the yard. The gas company will not cover the cost of repairs or other services on those lines. If you have a gas leak, you do not have to pay for the emergency response, but any necessary repairs are your responsibility.

Is It Illegal for Me to Fix a Gas Line or Install a Gas Appliance?

Safely installing gas appliances or working on gas lines is dangerous without the proper training and license, so it’s best to leave the work to a gas services professional. It may not be illegal per se for a homeowner to install a new gas appliance, but local codes and permitting rules vary, so doing the work yourself may be a violation. 

Do I Have to Call a Professional to Install a Gas Appliance? 

Anytime you need a new line for a gas appliance, a professional must install it. It’s technically possible for homeowners to connect new appliances to an existing gas line, but most manufacturers require professional installation to preserve the warranty.

What Kind Of Pipes Do Plumbers Use for Gas Lines?

Traditionally, plumbers use black pipe, which is made of steel or iron and can carry both propane and natural gas. Many plumbers now use flexible PEX pipes for gas lines. This yellow pipe is thinner than the PEX used for plumbing pipes, but it resists the corrosion and deterioration common with metal pipes. 

Can I Connect Multiple Appliances to a Single Gas Line?

Generally speaking, it’s best for every gas appliance to have its own gas line to avoid pressure issues and malfunctions. Professional gas line installation will account for all the appliances connected to the main line and ensure there is enough capacity for everything to work efficiently. 

How Long Does It Take to Repair a Damaged Gas Line? 

Every repair is different, so the time required for repairs can vary significantly. Factors like the type of pipe, the severity of the damage, and the pipe location all contribute to the project length. You should plan on at least a few hours, in most cases.

How Do Plumbers Repair Gas Lines?

There are two main approaches to fixing gas line damage: replacing the damaged section of the pipe or sealing the leak with a durable epoxy repair putty. In either case, the technician turns off the main gas line to your home first before deciding on the best way to address the problem.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover the Cost of Gas Line Repairs?

Most homeowner’s policies will not cover the cost of fixing gas lines that sustain damage due to normal wear and tear. They only cover damage caused by a break in the line that leads to an explosion or fire. 

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Customer Testimonials

Check Out Our 5-Star Reviews!

  • “I had a great experience with Chud. Lewis and Sebastian did a fantastic job. They were communicative and on time, explained everything that they would be doing to clean my HVAC ductwork, answered all of my questions, were honest about not being able to properly clean my dryer vent, and cleaned up after they were done. They also went above and beyond, even cleaning dust from each slat of the return vent. Highly recommend.”

    – Jay C.
  • “We have been a customer of Chud Air Conditioning, Heating & Duct Cleaning for many years and have always had a very satisfying experience. The technicians have been very responsive during emergencies, are informative, and professional. Shane was our recent service technician who replaced our water heater. Shane was excellent, very thorough, friendly, and dependable. I would not hesitate to use them again and don’t forget to ask for Shane!”

    – Michael M.
  • “We rely on Chud Duct Cleaning to perform our regular duct cleaning in our home. Your service technicians Lewis and Sebastian arrived promptly, introduced themselves and got right to work. Our home has many vents behind and under furniture, which was moved and replaced as if nothing ever happened. My home was carefully prepared and respected throughout the entire process. An access panel was replaced for a more pleasant look and better access in the future. I will not hesitate to use this company for service again.”

    – Catherine C.
  • “They came to service my heater and clean my ducts. They were super respectful of my property, thourough with their work, and carefully explained everything to me. My system is falling into disrepair. I could clearly see the rust and hear the problems they found. They recommended a variety of possible solutions from temporary furnace repairs to a new HVAC system. No pressure. I have a lot to think about, but it is good to know I have found someone I can trust to do the job.”

    – Phyllis W.
  • “Lewis and Sebastian were professional, knowledgeable and polite, and worked diligently over the course of two days to clean and sanitize the immense ductwork system at this location. They took the time to explain the process in detail, and were extremely aware of the need to treat a customer’s home as if it were their own. This was my second experience with Chud, and I won’t hesitate to call them again in the future.”

    – BC.
  • “Had a new heater and ac installed. Very pleased with entire process, from troubleshooting the old system to choosing the new to installation. Rich had patience with all my questions about the new system and helped me to understand the differences I should expect with the new. Matt and John did an outstanding job pulling out the old and installing the new. They got there on time and got right to work. Very professional technicians. Overall, a top notch job at a fair price. I highly recommend Chud.”

    – Phil W.

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