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Abington, PA

Chud Air Conditioning, Heating & Duct Cleaning’s services are essential when maintaining a comfortable home or office in Fort Washington.

The Top Choice for HVAC Services in Abington, PA

Abington, PA, is a township in Montgomery County that is home to more than 58,000 residents. The area has a rich history that dates back to the early 18th century. It was incorporated in 1704.

Today, the city remains an economic stronghold with the manufacturing, retail, and medical industries well represented. Some top attractions in the area include Keswick Theatre, Lorimer Park, and Willow Grove Park.

At Chud Cooling & Heating, we proudly offer HVAC services in Abington, PA, to help residents stay comfortable through the seasons. We are the team to trust when you need air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality solutions in the area.

 Our highly trained technicians are carefully handpicked to ensure we maintain our reputation for excellence, which we have honed for more than 50 years.

Call us now to schedule a consultation and receive your own energy-efficient climate control solutions.

Our Range of Air Conditioning Services in Abington, PA

The summer temperatures in Abington, PA, can reach 85 degrees on many afternoons. In that heat, there’s no overstating the importance of an efficient air conditioning system. At Chud Cooling & Heating, we make sure you have one with our range of air conditioning services, which include:

AC Installation and Replacement

Do you need a new air conditioner for your new space? Is it time to replace an old unit that has seen better days? Our experienced crew can install air conditioners from some of the leading names on the market today. 

Most importantly, we always install air conditioners that check all the right boxes. Our technicians will work with you to determine the right type, size, and model of air conditioning system that’s best for your needs. On the installation day, we’ll complete the installation in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

AC Repair and Maintenance

Your air conditioner breaking down in the middle of summer can be extremely frustrating. Thankfully, you don’t have to endure the heat for too long. Our HVAC services in Abington, PA, include fast and efficient AC repair services.

We guarantee a pinpoint diagnosis of all air conditioning issues and then complete repairs quickly to save you from the hot and humid weather we experience here in Abington, PA. After the repairs, we’ll discuss an ideal maintenance schedule and how to avoid breakdowns in subsequent summers.

Call us today to discuss your air conditioning needs with the leading name for HVAC services in Abington, PA.

Our Comprehensive Heating Solutions in Abington, PA

Winter in Abington, PA, sees the temperatures drop slightly below freezing on most nights. The last thing you need is to find out that your heating system is not working as well as it should on one of those days. At Chud Cooling & Heating, we make sure residents in Abington, PA, have the ideal heating system for the local weather.

Our heating solutions include:

Heating System Installation

Our highly trained technicians can install all types of heating systems, including furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. We’ll help you choose the ideal heating system based on your home’s size, the level of insulation around your property, and your heating preferences.

Our focus on every heating system installation project is to ensure energy-efficient performance over the long term.

Heating System Repairs

Modern heating systems are more powerful than ever. Still, they majorly consist of mechanical components. Therefore, they are bound to break down from time to time. When that happens to you, trust the crew at Chud Cooling & Heating to come to your aid quickly. We can fix all minor and major issues that can possibly plague a heating system, from pilot issues to major component changes.

We also offer heating system tune-ups to keep your unit purring through the winter from year to year.

Our Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Services in Abington, PA

You spend the bulk of your time indoors. Therefore, the quality of your indoor air should concern you more than the quality of the air outside. Poor indoor air quality exposes you to respiratory issues, allergies, and high levels of discomfort. At Chud Cooling & Heating, we offer a range of indoor air quality services, including:

  • Air quality testing
  • Air balancing
  • Air filtration
  • Dehumidification
  • Humidification
  • Ventilation

We’ll work with you to ensure your indoor air is as healthy as possible.

Get Premium Quality HVAC Services From Your Local Pros

Do you want an HVAC system setup carefully designed for the weather in Abington, PA?

Call Chud Cooling & Heating today at (215) 659-4343 to schedule a consultation. Find out why we are the top choice for HVAC services in Abington, PA. 

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