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What Is Short Cycling and Why Should You Call a Professional?

Short cycling is a common problem. It can cause your air conditioning unit to operate inefficiently and struggle to keep your home cool. That means you may experience sky-high utility bills and a house that is unbearably hot. Your A/C unit may also wear out and need to be replaced soon, which can be costly. If you experience short cycling, contact the Northampton A/C professionals at Chud Air Conditioning, Heating, & Duct Cleaning right away.

What Is Short Cycling?

An air conditioner that is working properly powers up the compressor and continues to run until the house reaches the desired temperature. When an air conditioner is short cycling, the unit gets stuck in a startup cycle. The compressor shuts off early, before the house has cooled off. An A/C uses the most energy when the compressor starts. When the compressor keeps starting over and over, it uses a lot more energy than it should.

Short cycling can also cause the compressor to overheat. It may eventually burn out and have to be replaced, which can be expensive. It often makes more financial sense to replace an entire A/C unit than to install a new compressor.

Short cycling can have several causes. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a dirty filter, and other times it’s an air or refrigerant leak. There may also be a problem with the thermostat. Or, the air conditioning unit may be the wrong size for the house.

Call a Northampton A/C Contractor for Help with Short Cycling

If your air conditioner is short cycling, it’s important to contact a professional immediately. Ignoring the problem will allow it to get worse. Not only will you have to suffer with hot conditions indoors, but you may also have to pay exorbitant energy bills. Allowing your A/C to continue short cycling can lead to serious damage. You may even have to replace the entire system.

A technician from Chud Air Conditioning, Heating, & Duct Cleaning can figure out what is causing your A/C to short cycle. Our professional team can make repairs to take care of the problem. Call (215) 659-4343 to schedule an inspection.

Get Professional Help with Your Heating and Air

Having your heater fail on a cold winter day can lead to a catastrophe. Your family may be forced to contend with bone-chilling temperatures, and burst pipes may cause serious water damage to your house, furniture, flooring, and electronics. A malfunctioning air conditioner can make life unbearable in the summer. Extreme indoor heat can even endanger the health of your family and pets. If you need help with Buckingham heating and air maintenance or repair, call Chud Air Conditioning, Heating, & Duct Cleaning.

How We Can Keep Your Heater up and Running

Your heating system needs routine maintenance to work efficiently. Replacing the filter regularly and conducting periodic inspections can prevent many common problems.

If you do experience an issue, such as a malfunctioning thermostat, frequent cycling, or loud noises, we can send a technician to your home to diagnose the cause and make repairs. Our team can service any type of furnace and can also address issues related to a malfunctioning water heater.

How Chud Can Help Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

Even though it’s cold out now, summer will be here before you know it. Now is a good time to begin thinking about getting your air conditioner ready for the warmer months ahead. A technician can inspect your A/C, perform routine maintenance, and make any needed repairs so the system will work when you need it.

If the A/C breaks down in the summer, we can send someone to your house to figure out what’s wrong and fix it. A technician can address a variety of issues, such as a refrigerant leak, a frozen evaporator coil, a defective compressor, or a seized fan motor.

Contact Chud for Buckingham Heating and Air Maintenance and Repair

Taking care of your heater and air conditioner can help you avoid breakdowns and expensive repair bills. Chud can work to keep your HVAC system operating efficiently. We’re also available around the clock to help if you experience a problem. If your heater or air conditioner is due for routine service or in need of repair, call (215) 659-4343 so we can send a technician to your home to assist you.

Why You Should Get a Professional A/C Tune-Up This Spring

Your air conditioning unit needs regular inspections and maintenance to keep it operating efficiently and to prevent a breakdown. A yearly tune-up in early spring can address any issues and give you confidence that your A/C will work when you need it in the summer. Contact Chud Air Conditioning, Heating, and Duct Cleaning to schedule a Yardley air conditioning tune-up.

Benefits of an Annual A/C Tune-Up

Wear and tear and lack of maintenance can cause an air conditioning unit to operate inefficiently. That can make the system work harder and use more energy than it should to keep your house cool, and you can find yourself having to pay high utility bills in the summer.

An A/C that isn’t properly cared for can break down completely. That can be inconvenient at best, but on a brutally hot summer day, it can put your family’s health at risk.

Having your A/C inspected and serviced at the start of spring, before you need to use it on a regular basis, can help you prevent a serious problem. Detecting an issue and addressing it before it becomes severe can help you avoid expensive repair bills. Preventing unnecessary wear and breakdowns can also extend the life of your air conditioning unit and help you avoid a premature and costly replacement.

What Will a Yardley Air Conditioning Technician Do at a Tune-Up Appointment?

A professional from our team can come to your home, inspect your air conditioning system for evidence of damage, and replace broken or worn-out parts as necessary. The tune-up will include a thorough inspection to check for a variety of common problems, such as clogs, air and refrigerant leaks, and short cycling. The technician will also flush the condensate drain, tighten electrical connections, clean and lubricate parts as needed, and check for signs of rust and corrosion.

Schedule an A/C Tune-Up

Now is the time to think about getting your Yardley air conditioning unit ready for the scorching summer days ahead. Getting your system inspected and having any necessary repairs made now will help you avoid the inconvenience of a breakdown. Also, a tune-up will likely cost far less than a major repair or replacement later. Call Chud Air Conditioning, Heating, and Duct Cleaning today at (215) 659-4343 to make an appointment.

When Should You Turn on Your A/C for the Season?

It’s important to know when to start running your New Hope air conditioning unit in the spring. You may want to hold off on turning it on until it’s absolutely necessary to save  money, or you may be tempted to start running it on as soon as the weather turns a little bit warm. Turning on your air conditioner at the right time can help you detect any issues that may exist and avoid creating a new problem.

When to Start the A/C

Turn on your air conditioner when the temperature hits 70 degrees. Even if it feels comfortable inside your house, running the air conditioner when the temperature outside is moderately warm can give you an opportunity to see how the unit works.

Don’t turn on the A/C too soon. If the outdoor temperature is below 70 degrees, running your air conditioner may damage the compressor and cause the evaporator coil to freeze.

If you covered the outdoor unit to protect it from snow and ice, remove the cover before you turn on the A/C. You should also clear any debris, such as leaves and sticks, from the area around the unit to ensure that there is adequate airflow. Use a hose, if necessary, to remove any dirt and grime. Check the condition of the A/C filter and either clean or replace it.

Call Chud if Your New Hope Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repairs

The last thing you want is to have your air conditioning unit operating inefficiently, or not working at all, on a 90-degree day. If there’s a problem, it’s better to discover that and have it addressed before the weather is unbearably hot.

If you turn on your A/C in the early spring and find that it isn’t working efficiently, is short cycling, is making an unusual sound, or is doing something else that doesn’t seem right, call Chud Air Conditioning, Heating, and Duct Cleaning at (215) 659-4343. We will send a well trained and experienced technician to your home to inspect the unit, diagnose the problem, and perform any necessary repairs or maintenance so you won’t have to worry about your A/C’s performance as we head into the hot summer days ahead.

Get Professional Help With AC Maintenance and Repairs

ac maintenance


With summer here, you will be relying on your Buckingham AC a lot to keep your home comfortable on sweltering days. Have you noticed that your air conditioner isn’t working as well as it should? Or, has it not been checked in a while? Schedule an inspection with Chud Air Conditioning, Heating, and Duct Cleaning. We can diagnose and repair a variety of problems and can also handle routine maintenance.

Common AC Issues

If an air conditioning unit leaks refrigerant, the system can operate inefficiently and use more energy than it should. That can result in uneven cooling in different parts of the house. In addition, coils can freeze, and the compressor can become damaged.

The fan controls and compressor can wear out over time from repeatedly turning the air conditioner on and off. If the compressor and motors are unable to form electrical connections, the AC may be unable to start.

A blocked duct or vent, a clogged filter, or a damaged fan can cause the air conditioner to receive less air than it should. That can cause the evaporator coil to freeze and can cause the AC unit to fail.

A thermostat sensor adjusts the amount of cooling based on the temperature in the house. If the thermostat sensor is not in the correct position, the air conditioner may turn on and off at random intervals or may cycle constantly.

If you have noticed a strange sound, that may mean that there is a serious problem. A technician can listen to the sound and visually inspect your air conditioning unit to make a diagnosis and then perform an appropriate repair.

Get Professional Help with Buckingham AC Maintenance and Repairs

If you have a Buckingham AC problem, it may be obvious that something is wrong, but you may need a professional to figure out the cause and fix the problem. Routine maintenance can help you avoid air conditioning breakdowns and expensive repairs. A professional from Chud Air Conditioning, Heating, and Duct Cleaning can inspect your system, diagnose any issue, and make repairs, or perform regular maintenance. Call (215) 607-2821 today to schedule an appointment for an inspection.

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